Let’s be honest, if you aren’t signed up for this service, you are going to lose out to buyers who are. It’s really that important.

What Makes This Service So Important?

Other buyers have it.

The market has never been more competitive. If you aren’t receiving properties automatically you are already behind.

It’s faster than

If you are searching on you are days behind. By the time you see a listing it has already been shown to hundreds of other buyers.

It’s automatic, and it’s FREE.

If you are manually searching, you can miss things. With automatic updates the listings that match your criteria come directly to you as soon as they hit the market.

Get Automatic Property Updates Today

Collaborate gives you instant access to new listings which gets you one-step ahead of other buyers. Plus, you’ll receive property updates within your search criteria so you don’t miss out on new properties.

It’s super interactive, a fun way of seeing what’s on the market, and a competitive advantage against other buyers.


Use the form below and I’ll be in touch to get you started on Collaborate, or email me your search criteria in full at

Why use Collaborate for
property updates?

Collaborate is an exclusive new web platform for Realtors to share with prospective clients and it shows all the available properties on the Toronto market (and gives you access to listings before anyone else!). 


Collaborate is similar to third party sites like and, except those platforms are not in real time and can be very unreliable.


This is why Collaborate is such an amazing tool and I’m happy to be able to share it with you.